JULY 2022



Isaiah 61: 1-2
Jesus in the New Testament stood and read this text in a synagogue and proclaimed it was being fulfilled before all that were in attendance.  That is the awesome part of the word of God. It will always be fulfilled. Despite what some say, the Bible does not contradict itself. Just as this scripture here teaches that a savior would come and that He would preach good tidings unto the meek, the Lord did come and He did that preaching! Believe the Bible, the word of God today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, grow me in the knowledge of the word of God today!

Today’s scripture tells us right off hand that to be a servant is a “call” in a person’s life. In verse 1 here, Paul calls himself the prisoner of the Lord. Then, Paul reminds us that we are called to do the vocation that we serve God in. Again, in verse 4 Paul reminds us that serving God is not a decision, it is a calling from God! Friends, a calling to come to the Lord and a calling to serve the Lord is an honor! Remember, we should praise the Lord for the privilege to serve Him! What a Savior!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the call of salvation in my life. And that you for the call to serve you!

DEUTERONOMY 11:  26-28
Today’s text is easy to understand. God told His people here I will bless you if you obey my word. But if you will not obey and if you turn to other gods, which are false gods because there is only one God, the Lord said I will curse you. This message has not changed even today! I believe that America falls under this message today. God has blessed this nation without a doubt, but we are facing the curse of God at the same time for not obeying the word of God! Remember, God never changes, so our nation needs to change.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please draw America back to you today!

JOHN 8: 34-36

As our nation celebrates it’s freedom today, we need to remember that freedom from sin can and will come from Jesus Christ! The Bible reminds us here that sine will cause a person to be a servant. But Jesus tells us in verse 36 that when the Son sets you free from sin, you shall be free indeed. Only Jesus Christ can set a person free from sin. Let’s tell as many this message as we can on this Independence Day! Happy 4th everyone!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, draw America back to you on this day so that we can be free from sin!


DANIEL 6: 19-23
Today’s scripture reminds us of the power of God and the power that God has to take care of those that will serve Him! Daniel got into trouble because he did not obey a decree that stated that no one could pray to nobody, no god, but the King for thirty days. The King here was very fond of Daniel, but the Kind was tricked into signing the decree by a group that did not like Daniel. This group knew that Daniel would not stop praying to God! The punishment for not obeying the decree was to be thrown into the lions den. Daniel prayed to God anyway. God delivered him! The point- obey God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me daily to learn that I must obey you instead of man!

There will be a change! The word of God here is telling you and I that if a person knows Jesus Christ, if they get saved, there will be a difference in that person. The scripture here is teaching that when a person invites Jesus in their life, the old nature is gone, this person is now a new creature in Christ. Not to be judgmental, but if a person claims that they have come to Christ, they will act differently, talk differently, they will treat other people different. What a difference Jesus can make in a life!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please let others see Jesus shining through me!

PSALM 59: 1-2
Have you ever felt like the words of Psalm 59? Have you ever felt like you really needed to be delivered? Verse 1 in today’s text is really a good verse to memorize. No matter what it is that we need to be delivered from, the Lord is the one to call upon. Whether it is a bad relationship with someone or a financial matter or a pain situation that we need to be delivered from, no one can deliver you and I the way that the Lord can. Call upon the Lord today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, I will also look to you as my deliverer!

MARK 15: 1-5
What a Savior! Jesus did very little to answer Pilate’s questions. Notice in verse 2 when Pilate asked Jesus was He the King of the Jews, He just said “thou sayest it” or you said it. The Bible tells us in verse 5 that Pilate marveled. Even though Pilate did not understand it, Jesus know His mission! The Lord knew no matter how He answered Pilate, it would not change His mission before Almighty God. That mission was to die on a cross for our sins. That mission was to pay the price for man’s sin with His blood. We need to follow the example of Jesus and not always be ready to run our mouths!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to know when to speak and when to be quiet.


PSALM 37: 1-2
Have you ever been around someone who seems to be so successful at everything they do? They make money, they make friends easily, yet the constantly complain. They constantly use profanity. They never to go church and they do not want to ever hear the Gospel. Well, today’s text is talking about these very people. The Bible here warns us not to get mad or fret ourselves because of these people. The Bible even tells us in verse 1 not to be envious or to want to be like these people. Verse 2 tell us why- “because they shall soon be cut down”. Because God’s judgment will catch up with them!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please convict the hearts of evil doers and draw them to you!

MATTHEW 11: 28
What a powerful verse! At one time or another we have all been heavy laden. You know that point where you feel as if you cannot handle another thing? That time when your plate is full. That point when you are tired, I mean tired of everything. You can’t think clearly. Jesus put it out there. When you feel like that “come to me”. Jesus can and will help us to carry the load! I have said it over and over, but I must say it again, what a Savior we serve!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for helping me with that load!

II SAMUEL 12: 15-23
Today’s text is a little long, but good. Sin always comes with a price. Because David had an affair with Bathsheba and had her husband killed in battle, their child died. The key verse in this text is found in verse 23. David prayed and asked God to spare the child. The Bible teaches for 7 days, David had no peace. He prayed, he would not eat, he had very little sleep. But in verse 19, when he found out that the child had died, he put on his clothes and ate. What made the difference? David told his servants he could not bring the child back but he could go to him! We cannot bring back the dead, but in Jesus Christ we can go to them some day!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to be mindful that in Jesus our love ones and I will reconnect someday.

Notice that Paul was giving us a message-from the Lord Jesus Christ! Paul reminded us that this word was not coming from himself. The message today is an important message- there are to not be divisions among the family of God! The church is to have the same message! I like the word the spirit of God gave to Paul here- perfectly joined together, same mind, same judgment. Friends, with the Lord coming soon, we don’t have time for divisions as the family of God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to love the brethren!


OK, I know that we have shared this scripture before, but it is worth sharing again. In this text is the recipe for revival. You see, the Lord says if His people will do 4 things, then He will hear from Heaven. Now, you don’t have to worry about the Lord keeping His word. God will. But, what must we do- humble ourselves-Gods people must admit before God that we need revival. Pray-we must ask God for it. Seek my face- God’s people must look to the Lord and as Him daily for revival.  And, turn away from their wicked ways-God’s people must repent of their sins before God! Let’s all practice this plea for revival today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please send revival to our land and Lord may it begin with me!

JOHN 15: 18-21
Have you ever been persecuted or put down for your faith in God? Well, in today’ text Jesus gives us words to help us deal with it. First, He reminds us in verse 18 that the world hated Him before we ever came along. In verse 19 the Lord reminds us that because He called us to salvation and we accepted the call and asked Jesus into our lives, the world hates us! The Lord goes on to tell us that we are not greater than (He) our master. In verse 20 the Lord is saying if they hate me, why would they not hate you. Verse 21 reminds us that they hate Him because they do not know God! When someone hates you and I because we trust and obey Jesus Chrst, that person needs prayer!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help the unbelievers today to come to Jesus!

HOSEA 14: 1-6
A couple of days ago, we shared some scripture in the New Testament that dealt with revival. In today’s text, here the Bible is talking about revival in the Old Testament. You see, the Lord knows no matter how good he is to His people they will still get into sin or turn away from Him and sin. But the Bible teaches over and over again if we as God’s people would turn back to Him, He would forgive us. Verse 2 here, the Lord says “turn to the Lord”. Verse 4 tells us “ I will heal their backsliding”. Could God be calling you or even me back closer to Him today?
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, send revival to our land!

Paul, under the leadership of the Holy Ghost, reminds us that once we know Jesus as Savior, we are to walk ye in Him. This means we are to walk with the Lord daily. Verse 7 takes it further. We are to be “rooted and built up in Him”. That means we are to get into His word and stand upon it. Notice the warning in verse 8-we had better be walking with the Lord and growing or we could be spoiled through philosophy and vain deceit. In other words, we could get tied up in false doctrine. Let’s try to walk closer to the Lord today than ever before!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me walk closer to you today!

PSALM 75: 1
With today being my birthday, I am going to share one of my favorite verses from the Psalms. The Bible reminds us here that God does desire our thanks. Because of who He is we should thank Him. Because of what He has done for us, we should thank Him. Because of being our Savior, our creator, our Lord, we should thank Him. So on this, my 59th birthday, I give thanks to God. How about you?
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for every day, every hour, every chance I have to serve you!

HEBREWS 13: 17-18
Sometimes it is not easy to deal with those which have rule over me and you. A boss can be a good or bad thing. But the Bible here reminds us that we had better act right or behave because me and you and they must give account to God. That is why the writer of Hebrews asks for prayer in verse 18. Remember, God expects His children to treat others right, even when we are not being treated right!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Let’s pray for all of those who are bosses and leaders today!

MALACHI 2: 1-4
In today’s text, the Lord has strong words to the priests or the preachers of that day. The Lord warns the preachers that if they will not hear His word or share it with the people He will bring judgment upon them. The priests were compromising, or not doing, the work of God. In today’s world, I am afraid that this is happening in many cases. Don’t misunderstand, God has his called men in pulpits as preachers and pastors sharing the word. But, there are many who are not called of God that are in the pulpit. Many are called of God but are compromising the message. Let’s pray for the God called preachers across the land to obey the Lord!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, bless those who you have called to preach and minister the word today.

OK, I know we have shared this before, but the Lord was laying it on my heart to share it again. Someone reading this today may be facing something really heavy! The world and the devil and even some so called friends, have told you that you cannot and will not get through this. There is no way. Well, the Bible here says there is a way! According to the word today, I can get through it with Christ! So stop worrying and stop coming apart-trust the Lord. He has got this!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord in advance for bringing me through today!

ISAIAH 42: 10-12
Today’s scripture sounds like something that we should be do today! Be thankful unto God and praise the Lord throughout all this planet! Verse 1 is referring to thanking the Lord for salvation. That “new song” that the Bible is talking about here is a song that could only be sung by those that have been saved by God. If you and I are saved today we should let the world hear us sing from the depth of the sea (v10) to the wilderness to the mountain top (v11) who God is and why He should be praised!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for who you are!

LUKE 8: 22-25
Maybe somebody needs to remember today the power of the Lord. Verse 24, the Lord can even rebuke the wind and it will cease to blow. The Lord also rebuked the raging water and the water got calm. Today, no matter how big the storm is, the Lord can get you through it. Notice verse 25, the Lord got these men through the storm. Call upon Jesus Christ today to calm the storm and ask Him to get you through it!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for always getting me through the storms!

PSALM 33: 1-4
Alright, let’s do some rejoicing today! Notice the Bible declares that we should make some noise today. Verse 2 here says to use a harp, sing to him with psaltery and a ten string instrument. Verse 2 even says make some loud noise. I believe that the Bible is telling us today to rejoice in the Lord and let the Lord hear that rejoicing.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for always being there for me!

JOHN 1: 26-30
Our Vacation Bible School this year was about believers water baptism. Our students learned what baptism was all about and why a born again believer in Jesus Christ should be baptized. Take notice today of verse 29. Look who set the example for you and I to be baptized. The Lamb of God, Jesus Himself set the example that we are to follow before Almighty God! If you get the chance today, no-take the time today to explain baptism to someone who crosses your path.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for always setting an example for us.

EXODUS 33: 12-23
Today’s reading might be a little long, but man oh man is it powerful! Moses wanted to get a look at the glory of God. God told Moses in verse 20 that no man could see His face and live. But the Lord passed by Moses and allowed him to experience the glory of God as he passed- WOW! Moses was right there in the presence of Almighty God! Friends, if you and I are saved today, we have experienced the glory of God through His Son Jesus Christ. What a God we serve!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for letting me see your glory!


MARK 12: 13-17
Money always seems to be the one thing that all people get hung up on. Jesus was questioned in today’s text about whether or not to pay taxes. They were doing this to try to trap Him. But as usual Jesus put it right back in their faces. He asks them whose image is on the money. When they said Caesar, then Jesus said to give to Caesar that that is Caesar’s and give to God things that are Gods. Friends, the lesson here-put God before money and remember noone can fool the Lord.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to always trust you and not money!

ISAIAH 43: 1-3
It is a good thing to be reminded every now and then that when you belong to the Lord, He will be there for you! God reminded His people here-they do not have to be afraid-according to verse 1, they belong to the Lord! Have you ever thought about that? According to the scripture here, God owns His people and God takes care of what He owns! The Bible teaches that if a person is saved by trusting Jesus Christ, we are bought with a price (I Corinthians 6:20). I don’t know about you, but I think it is a good feeling knowing that I belong to the Lord!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the blood of the Lamb!

Are you in a spiritual battle today? Maybe that is why the Lord put this scripture on my heart today. Verse 4 here reminds us about strong holds. Strong holds are things that the devil can use to keep you and I down and not useful to God! But the Bible teaches here that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God”. What ever the devil is trying to hold over your head today, call upon Jesus and claim the blood of the Lams so that the strong holds can be pulled down!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Jesus for power over the strong holds!

EXODUS 30: 1-5
In today’s text we see the directions for making the altar of incense. Now, the directions here are not what spoke to my heart about this text. What spoke to my heart was the fact that God wants us to do things His way. Now think about that a minute. It does not matter how we want things done, if we are going to please the Lord, we need to do thinks God’s way! Give that some thought today.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me remember not my will but your will be done in my life!


I PETER 2: 4-8
Without a good foundation, a statue or a building can fall. No matter what materials it is made from, it can fail. The same is true on our walk with the Lord. Jesus Christ is the precious cornerstone that our walk with the Lord is built upon. Without Jesus, there is no stable ground. Without Jesus there is no blood to cover my sins. Without Jesus, there is no hope. Thank God for that “chief” cornerstone today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Jesus for what you have done for me!

PSALM 100: 2
Have you ever heard someone complain about having to serve the Lord? Think about it. If someone complains about having to go to church, or having to study the Bible, or having to have a set prayer time, they are complaining about having to serve the Lord! The Bible here reminds us that we are to serve the Lord with gladness. It should be an honor to serve the Lord, not a chore! So, the next time I start to complain about serving the Lord or having to go to church-STOP!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for the honor to serve you!