Pastor Jeff Worley
APRIL, 2022


PSALM 14: 1
OK, with this being April Fool’s Day I thought that we should see what the Bible has to say about a fool. Our verse today is really clear whom the Lord calls a fool. According to the Bible, the fool is one who says or believes in his heart that there is no God. Think about it. How foolish would a person have to be to look at the beauty of this world, this universe and believe that there is no God! Let’s get the word out today-there IS a God!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me share with a lost and dying world that there is a God!

Today’s text is what is known as “Holy Communion”. Paul shares with us that the Lord gave him to share. I believe the communion service is one of the most beautiful services in the church today. But we need to remember this-the service is not for show but for us to remember what the Lord has done for us and for us to examine ourselves before the Lord! So, the next time we take communion, remember and do some self-examining.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, remind me what you have done for me today!

GENESIS 17: 1-6
Have you ever heard someone say that they are too old to serve the Lord? Well, today’s scripture shows us that is not the case. Notice verse 1 here. Abram was almost 100 years old when God confirmed the work that He still had for him to do. Then, the Lord changed his name from Abram to Abraham in verse 5.  Sounds to me that a person is never too old to be useful to God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, use me to your glory all the days of my life.

ACTS 28: 27-29
Jesus came for His own and His own received Him not. Jesus came from God to bring soul cleansing salvation by the blood of the Lamb to the Jews but they rejected Him. Today’s text tells us as Paul spoke to the Jewish leaders that salvation would now be offered to the Gentiles, which means non-Jews. Thank God for giving you and I the chance for salvation. What a Savior we serve! Jesus did come for the Jews but thanks be to God that salvation is offered to all who will trust Jesus and the blood that was shed at Calvary! We should really thank and praise the Lord for this today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord that the Gospel is available to all!

PSALM 22: 1-3
With the Easter season upon us, today’s text will be heard again in the New Testament in the coming days. The first part of verse 1 is the same words that our Savior used while on the cross. Jesus cried these words to God the Father as He (Jesus) had all the sins of mankind on His back and Almighty God had to turn His face from Him. You see, a Holy God cannot look at sin and Jesus became sin for you and me so that with His blood He could pay our sin debt! He who knew no sin became sin for you and I. What a Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to share with others today what you did for us!

JOHN 10: 1-5
Jesus reminds us in today’s scripture that there is no way to heaven but through Him! As a matter of fact, He tells us that if anybody climbeth up some other way, the some is a thief and a robber. There are many religions today. There are many gods taught about in the world today. But, there is only one way to heaven, one way to the real God. That way is Jesus Christ! The Bible reminds us in Psalm 23, He is the Shepherd!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for being my Shepherd!

I Kings 19: 1-4
Fear can destroy a person! Elijah had just defeated 450 false prophets of a false god, Baal. Elijah had called down fire from heaven. Elijah had seen God’s mighty power! Elijah had just seen God’s people humble themselves before Almighty God and turn back to Him. Yet in todays text an evil woman by the name of Jezebel sends him word that she is going to kill him and he runs to the wilderness and asks God to take his life. Friend, it is a bad thing to live in fear! We can know that God is there one minute and the next minute have the devil scaring us to death! Don’t keep letting the devil scare you today! Call upon the Lord! Don’t be destroyed by fear. If you belong to the Lord, stand upon the word.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, give me victory over all fears-in the name of Jesus!

Luke 8: 22-25
Todays text is just a little reminder of the power of God! Why do acts as the disciples did here? We claim that we trust the Lord and his might. But when the storms come, even though we know the Lord is with us, we get afraid. Then, when the Lord does deliver us we are amazed. Remember this, Jesus can calm the storms of life anywhere, anytime regardless of how strong or powerful they may be. When you and I trust Jesus Christ we are trusting the power of God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for always knowing how to keep me safe.

ISAIAH 53: 4-7
As we begin Easter week, today’s text reminds us what Jesus Christ did for you and I. Notice the reference in verses 5 and 7 as to what He endured for you and I. In verse 5 He was wounded, he was buried. In verse 7 He was oppressed, He was afflicted. Jesus Christ, what a Savior! Let’s start on this journey of resurrection week thanking and praising the Lord for what He did for us on that cross!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for all that you went through for me.

MATTHEW 26: 14-16
On this Palm Sunday, let’s look back at what was happening behind the scenes on Resurrection week many years ago. Before the arrest of Jesus. Before the trials, before the cross. There was betrayal. In today’s scripture we are reminded of Judas Iscariot and his willingness to sell out our Lord. Even though this text will break your heart to read because Jesus had done nothing wrong. Keep in mind, it happened! God had to allow our Savior to be arrested and beaten and die a horrible death to pay for our sins with his blood on that cross. Let’s you and I today vow to never, never betray Jesus and never to stand against our Lord!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Let me to always stand for you Lord!!


GENESIS 3: 22-24
In today’s text we see after Adam and Eve had disobeyed God and their eyes were open because of sin, from here we as mankind can see the need for the Savior. As God drove the man out of the garden and really from the presence of God, man could not come back to God on his own. Because of mans sin, Jesus had to come and die on that cross. Think about it. The story of the crucifixion and resurrection begin right here in the book of Genesis. What a merciful God we serve!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Almighty God for showing mercy to mankind even though we did not deserve it!

MATTHEW 26: 36-46
Today’s scripture does not need much commentary. The night that Jesus was arrested He gives us some great lessons on what to do when the whole world is about to come down on you. First, you pray!! Then, you seek the will of God the Father. Then you do what God leads you to do! Even if it is not easy. Jesus asks the Father in verse 39 “if it be possible, let this cup pass from me”. But then He howed you and I that we are to do the Fathers will, nevertheless. What a Savior!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, let your will be done in my life!

MICAH 7: 18-19
What a beautiful picture of the mercy and grace of Almighty God! When Micah ask in verse 18 here who is a God like unto thee, the answer – there is no god, no being like Almighty God! I love this verse where he reminds us that His anger is not retaineth forever. Thank God verse 19 tells us that He will have compassion upon us! That is what Calvary is all about!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord by the blood of Jesus Christ for casting all of our sins into the depths of the sea!

MATTHEW 26: 47-56
As we continue on our road to the resurrection, today’s scripture shows us the real love for you and I that moved Jesus toward the cross! First, He endured the betrayal of Judas. Then, He would not allow His disciples to fight. I love verse 53. He let’s those that took Him into custody that this was not a no win situation. He could have called on the Father and the Father would have sent him free. But He had to forward to fulfill the scriptures and the Father’s will. I say again, what a Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to the Father!

JONAH 1: 17
Ok, I know what you are thinking. This is resurrection week. What in the world does this scripture have to do with Jesus and the resurrection? Well, Jesus made reference to this scripture in the New Testament. In Matthew 12:40 Jesus said “for as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”. Friends, always remember the Bible never contradicts itself! The whole Bible points to the work of God on that cross and the resurrection from the grave of our Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to learn more of the word and help me to hide it in my heart.

MATTHEW 27: 26-35
What a horrible picture of the beatings and sufferings of our Savior. Then, the Bible tells us in verse 35 “and they crucified Him”. Remember, as we have studied so much in our daily devotions, Jesus did all of this for me and you. Jesus lived a perfect life on this earth. He did not deserve to die on that cross. He took the beating, He died on that cross for my sins and yours! Jesus paid our sin debt on that cross. After you read our text today, read it again. Then, just sit there a while and think about it—what a Savior!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Jesus!

JOHN 20: 11-18
Ok, I know that we usually go back and forth from the Old Testament and the New Testament. But with today being resurrection Sunday, we had to share this scripture today. Can you even imagine what was going through Mary’s mind when she heard the Lord say her name in verse 16. Mary knew that voice! On this resurrection day spend time in the word and with the Lord thanking Him for coming out of that grave for you and I!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Jesus for not only dying for me but thank you for coming out of the grave for me.

PSALM 117: 24
This is one of my favorite verses in the whole Bible! So many times we talk about how bad a day has been. Well, according to the Bible here, God does not make bad days. Our Bible teaches that God is love, that’s who He is. So if things don’t go right today or go as we think they should, let’s spend time today thanking God for allowing us to see this day anyhow! Remember, if we have seen this day, God gave it to us.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for allowing me to see this day!

II TIMOTHY 4: 10-15
Notice as the Lord allows Paul to share the statements that Paul makes in verse 14. This Alexander the coppersmith did much evil to Paul. But Paul never said that He hated Alexander. Paul never said what he did nor did Paul say that he would get even with him. Paul simply said “the Lord rewards him according to his works”. Paul was saying that God would do the judging and the paying for doing Paul, God’s servant, wrong! Here’s today’s lesson-if someone does us evil, don’t try to get even. Remember, God will reward the deed!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to keep my focus on you. Even when others do me wrong.

PSALM 147: 5-6
Let’s just spend some time today thinking about how great our Lord is! I love verse 5 here. The Bible states that the Lord has great power. When the Bible says here that the Lord’s understanding is infinite, it means limitless. In other words, God knows all! Verse 6 reminds us that God will bless the meek and cast down the wicked. Wow! God is in control!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, give me wisdom to live right before you daily.


I JOHN 4: 19
Ok, today’s reading is short but powerful! We love the Lord or we ought to love the Lord because he loves us first. Think of it this way-before you and I were born God already loved us! The Lord knew how I would be. How mean or how moody I could be and yet he loves me anyway! After the Bible tells us that God loved us first, then surely we ought to love Him back!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:   Lord, I love you!!

EXODUS 14: 13-14
God’s people were in a bad place. On one side the vast piece of water, the Red Sea, and on the other side of them Pharaoh and his army of chariots. What could they do? Well, the Lord spoke to Moses and told him what to do (vs 15-20). Moses told the people 3 things to do in verse 13. Don’t be afraid, stand still and watch God make a way. Now this same message is for me and you today. If you feel that you are in a corner and you see no way out, stop fearing. Stand still and watch God do a work! By the way, God told Moses to tell the people this problem (Pharaoh) is about to go away!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, remind me today to stop focusing at the problem and focus instead on you!

ROMANS 6: 23
Sometimes we just need to be reminded that sin carries a high price. The wages of sin is death according to the Bible here. But, thank God, for the rest of us this verse “but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. You ever think about a gift? He cannot buy it. You cannot earn it. You cannot deserve a gift. A gift is given to a person. If I trust Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and if I ask Him to forgive my sins, He will cover them by His blood and give eternal life as a gift! Wow!! What a Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, by your power, please remind me of the wages of sin and keep me away from it.

JEREMIAH 23: 23-28
In today’s scripture, God remind us that He is not a God of distance. The word tells us in verse 23 that God is a God at hand. Meaning close or right here. In verse 24 He reminds us that we cannot hide from Him. Verses 25-28-God warns us about false prophets or false teachers. God even says in verse 25 that many of them lie. They claim that God has showed them things in dreams. Friends, we need to make sure that religious leaders and teachers today are giving us the word of God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, help me to know the truth when I hear it from you!

HEBREWS 11: 1-6
Every now and then, we need to remember that faith in God is believing God. Not because we have seen with our eyes, the eyes can fool you and me. Faith is taking God at His word. Verse 3 here reminds us that faith tells us about how God created this world and the universe. Verse 5 reminds us that a man by the name of Enoch was just taken one day. Translated, he did not die, by faith God took him. Verse 6 reminds us that if we don’t have faith in God, believe God, we cannot please God. Trust God! Believe God! Have faith in God today and He will bless for that faith!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to increase my faith daily! 

ISAIAH 55: 6
Today’s text is short but powerful! We are told to seek the Lord now, while He may be found. We are told to call upon the Lord while He is near. The Bible teaches there will be a day when it will be too late to call upon the Lord to be saved! Spread that word today. Let’s tell others that they had better call on the Lord now.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me spread the Gospel message now, while there is still time!

ACTS 2: 42-47
Today’s scripture, I believe, is something that the church needs to hear every now and then. The Bible here is talking about the New Testament church that is coming together and beginning to serve the Lord. Notice verse 47, praising God and worshiping God. And take note at the second part of this ver. And the Lord added to the church. We as the church today need to remember we cannot change anybody. We cannot save anybody. We are to serve the Lord and worship the Lord and the Lord will do the rest.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, bless our church today!

JOB 2: 7-10
Poor Job! In excruciating pain, both emotionally and physically from losing everything in his life from his wealth, to his family, to his health. Job’s wife tell him “curse God and die”. What an encouraging woman! But I want us to notice Job’s answer in verse 10. Job tells his wife that she speaks as a foolish woman. Job refused to blame God. As a pastor, one of the hardest things that I deal with is people that blame God for something bad in their life. Be careful how we blame God for our hurts and our troubles. Watch what comes out of our mouths during trouble. Verse 10 states that Job did not sin with his lips
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord in troubled days to turn to you and not blame you.

MARK 1: 14-18
Take notice of verse 14 in today’s text where the Bible says “Jesus came into Galilee preaching the Gospel”. I talked to a young preacher a while back that said to me that we should not be preaching the Bible, but teaching it more. He told me that Jesus really did not preach but teach the Gospel. Well, I believe the Bible is very direct here. Jesus preached the Gospel. Friends, there is nothing wrong with Bible teaching but it should not take the place of preaching!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, bless all of that that you have called today to preach the word!

ISAIAH 1: 18
What a verse to end the month on! The message here is simple but powerful. Come to the Lord. The word “reason” deals with repentance. Then notice what can and will happen to our sin when we come to the Lord. The Lord, by His blood, will clean us up! What a Savior! Even though we don’t deserve it, the Lord, if we let Him, will clean us up!
PRYAER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for all that you have done for us!