December, 2022


GENESIS 3: 1-13
As we start Christmas month, let’s start in the scripture from the very beginning of Christmas! A lot of people think that the Christmas scripture is Luke 2, but the need for a Savior is shown here in Genesis 3. Remember, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin entered into the picture. A Holy God cannot be in the presence of sin. Because man sinned, man could not save himself. The Bible declares that something or someone had to die to cover sin! Blood is the only thing that can pay the sin debt! That’s why Jesus came-to pay our sin debt! This scripture starts the road to Calvary!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for dying for me when I could not pay my sin debt!

LUKE 23: 33
Ok, after we shared the scripture yesterday dealing with the need for a Savior, today we see the Savior paying the debt! Keep in mind when they crucified Jesus here He had don’t nothing wrong! As a matter of fact, Jesus did not sin. Well, why was he nailed to a cross? Today’s text lets us see that sin debt we talked about in Genesis being paid for here today-with the blood of Jesus!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, during this Christmas season, please allow me to share the gospel with many people!

DANIEL 6: 22-26
Have you ever been in a place where you really needed the Lord to “shut the lion’s mouth”? I mean the devil has you in a spot where you could be destroyed. It is at that instant that we need the Lord to shut the mouth of whatever it is that is about to destroy us! Well, here is good news. Just as the Lord saved Daniel from the lions, He can save you and I today if we will trust Him! So, wherever the attacks are coming from today, trust the Lord! Call on the God of Daniel! He can still shut the lions mouth!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Than you today dear God for being a God that never changes!

ACTS 1: 9-11
I love this text! Jesus has died on the cross. He has risen from the grave. In this scripture, He ascends into Heaven before His followers. I love verse 11 “this same Jesus shall so come in like manner”. The Bible reminds us here that the Lord is coming back! Think of it this way-the Lord always keeps His promises! He said He loved us! He proved it by dying for us. He told us that He would come out of the grave-He did. If Jesus says that He is coming again, He will! Don’t despair about this old world today-Jesus is coming! Keep looking up!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Come quickly Lord Jesus!


How important is God’s word in my life today? That seems to be the question that the Lord is asking in todays text. As a matter of fact, He does not ask the question, He tells us to “keep His words”. Notice in verse 2 the Lord gives us an outcome for keeping His commandments-keep my commandments and live. Sounds to me if I want to live and enjoy living, I had better keep and obey the word of God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to keep the law as the apple of my eye!

JOHN 15: 12-14
In today’s text, Jesus commands that God’s people are to love one another! Take note-this is not a request, it is a command! Then, in verse 13 the Lord tells us what great love is-that a man lay down his life for his friends. I love verse 14-the Lord tells us that a friend would do what He commanded. Sounds to me that God’s people should spend more time caring and being good to each other! Lets do something today-lets call 5 or 6 people and tell them that we love them in the Lord! You may just make their day!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, would you bless all of my Christian family today!

ISAIAH 51: 17-23
The last thing in the world that anyone would ever want is for Almighty God to be angry with them! The Lord here is telling His people that they had better wake up and turn back to Him! He reminds them in verse 17 that they have already had His cup of fury! Notice verse 22 and 23-the Lord tells His people He had take this cup away but He will give that cup of fury to anyone who afflicts His people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want God to get mad at me today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for being slow to anger and slow to wrath! Thank you for your mercy!

Every time I read this scripture, I better understand why God would call me to preach the word! We serve an awesome God! He does not make mistakes. He is holy. The Bible here teaches that He is wise (v 25), much wiser than man! Remember this, even though we sometimes may not understand what God is doing, God is in control and we should trust Him! When God called me to preach and to work for Him years ago, I thought now why in the world would God call a country boy who knows nothing to serve Him? My answer is found in verse 27 “God hat chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise”. There it is!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for your calling and using us to your glory!

EZEKIEL 1: 26-28
In today’s text, Ezekiel sees the glory of God. As you study these verses today, take notice of the description of the throne in verse 26. Notice the beauty of the stones (amber) and the fire in verse 27. In verse 28 the rainbow is even mentioned. Notice what Ezekiel did. Verse 28 says “and when I saw it, I fell upon my face”. Sound about right to me! When a person sees the glory of God it will bring you face down before God!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for allowing us your people to see your Glory!!

HEBREWS 11: 1-6
Every now and then it is a good thing to be reminded how important it is to have faith in the Lord. Hebrews chapter 22 is known as the faith chapter in the Bible. The whole chapter reminds us of people who made it through because of their faith, their belief in almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ! Notice verse 6-we cannot please God if we do not believe that He is real and alive and in control!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for being there even when I cannot see you!

PSALM 105: 1-4
Sometimes we just need to stop and spend some time thanking the Lord! Notice what the Psalm writer tells us to do as “we give thanks unto God”. We are to call on His name and tell others of His deeds (v1). Verse 2 tells us that we are to sing to Him! The Bible here is telling us that we are to sing praises unto God. I love verse 3-we are to “glory” or to worship His holy name! Then verse 4 tells us to seek or look to the Lord for strength. What a Savior!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, I just want to spend some time today thanking you!

ROMANS 2: 11-13
God treats all people the same. God does not show partiality! The Bible here reminds us of that fact in verse 11. Verse 12 here reminds us that all that sin will be dealt with before God. Verse 13 let’s us know that just listening to God’s word or God’s law will not be bless or justified but these that are doers. In other words, to hear God’s word is not enough to please God. To obey or be a doer of the word is the way to please the Lord. So today, read the word but let’s practice what it says to do!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me to be not just a hearer of the word, but a doer of the word!

JOB 14: 1-2
It has been a long time since we were reminded of this fact. We all have troubles! We all face problems and trials in this life. You see, according to the Bible here, anyone who is born of a woman, which is all of us, will have troubles! Maybe the Lord wanted us to be reminded that even though we have troubles today, we are not alone! Have you ever heard the old saying no matter what you are facing, you can always look around and find someone else going through something worse? So, thank the Lord today for being with us in times of trouble!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, help me in troubled times to look to you and not the troubles!

Oh I know that we read this scripture a while back, but the Lord really put this on my heart today! Somebody out there needed to hear this today. Too many in the army of God are quitting today. The road has gotten a little rough or the load has gotten heavy, so they quit. A good soldier, a soldier of the Lord, does not quit! Notice verse 3- we are commanded to “endure hardness”. Hang in there! The Lord has got this and He is still in control!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, give me strength in the battle today.

EXODUS 4: 1-8

Wow! When Moses tells the Lord that the people will not believe him, that he has been sent from God to deliver them, God gives him a couple of good signs that He is with him. First, the Lord turns a stick into a snake. Then, the Lord gives Moses leprosy. Then He turns the snake back to a stick and take away the leprosy. What a show of the power of God to Moses! Let’s trust the Lord today and stop worrying about things!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please forgive me when I doubt your power in my life!

OK, today is my wife Renita’s birthday. I thought that we would share one of her favorite verses. Today’s text should bring us peace and even joy, not matter what we are going through. The Bible here just reminds us that trust in the Lord Jesus Christ means that we can get through any problem, any care, any trouble! The scripture teaches that we can do all things, a matter of fact, if we are trusting the Lord Jesus! So, my question today is if we know Jesus as Savior and Lord why do we worry today? We can get through anything as long as we trust the Lord!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Help me Lord to keep my focus on you today so that I will have victory!

What a powerful verse! As the family of God we do not have time for strife! And we definitely do not have room for hate in our lives. As a matter of fact, I do not believe that love and hate dan live in the same heart! If we have strife with someone today, get it straight and move on. The Bible teaches us here that love will overcome strife and sin! So, let’s spend more time loving others today than having anger.
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, keep me safe and keep me close to you until you come to take me out of this world!

TITUS 2: 13-15
Ok, this is some of my favorite scriptures today! I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the coming of the Lord! This world seems to get worse every day! But, thanks be to the Lord, if we are saved this world is not our home. Jesus is going to rapture His people out of this world one day! I believe it is going to happen soon. So, don’t get down today, keep looking up! Jesus is coming soon!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, keep me safe and keep me close to you until you come to take me out of this world!

ISAIAH 7: 14
With this being Christmas week, the next few days we are going to study the Christmas scriptures in the Bible. Today in Isaiah, it tells us what was going to happen. Of course this text is fulfilled in the New Testament. I love the name Immanuel! It means God with us. No truer title could have been given to Jesus! Jesus Christ is with us every day if we trust Him!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for fulfilling your promise!


MATTHEW 1: 18-25
Now, tell me that today’s text does not remind you of yesterday’s study. There are people who say that the Bible contradicts itself. The Bible here is very plain, it does not contradict itself. Our scripture from yesterday was from the Old Testament penned down many, many years before the story of God’s love for you and I by sending His Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior. The Savior for the whole world! Remember that message this week as we celebrate the season. Remember-Jesus is the reason for the season!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, use me this week to share with someone the reason for the season.

ISAIAH 9: 6-7
As we get closer to Christmas and we continue our Christmas scriptures this week, today’s text tells us of the Savior’s work on this earth. You see, there will be a period of time when Jesus will rule this earth. During this millennial, or 1000 year reign, there will for once be peace on this earth. Then, and only then, will there be peace on this earth. Friends, this will all happen one day because of the great Savior that was sent to this earth many years ago, Jesus Christ! What a Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you almighty God for the great Savior, Jesus Christ!

LUKE 1: 26-35
Can you just imagine what was going through Mary’s heart and mind when this angel approached her about giving birth on this earth to the Son of God? Verse 29 tells us that she was troubled when she saw the angel. I can understand that! But then to be told in verse 30 that she had found favor with God, man oh man, what an honor! Mary was about to conceive and give birth to the Son of God on this earth! She was even given the child’s name-Jesus (v31). Mary did not understand-she stated “I know not a man”, she was a virgin. But the angel explained that the Holy Ghost would put the child there. What a God!!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Thank you Lord for your mighty power!

ISAIAH 43: 11
OK, this is the Old Testament, but here we are told that there is no other Savior than the Lord. Now, the name Jesus was not given until the New Testament. The Bible here is talking about the Savior of the world. Notice the word “I am”. This shows us what Jesus meant when he made the statement I and the Father are one in John 10:30. Let this remind us today that Jesus was not just born on this earth many years ago, Jesus Christ has always been! What a Savior!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Thank you Lord for being all that you are!


LUKE 2: 1-7
On this Christmas Eve we must look at what is known as the Christmas story in the Bible. As you read this old, old story today take note that all that came together was not by accident. The Savior would be born on this earth, in the place that the Lord chose. Jesus would be born in God’s time on this Christmas Eve. Let’s spend some time thinking about what God gave us in that manger!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, use me this Christmas Eve to tell others what you have done for us!

LUKE 2: 8-20
Well, the day is here! The day that we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world sent from God! Every time I read this scripture, it makes me think about what it would have been like to be one of those shepherds. To see the light, to hear that angel and to see all of that heavenly host praising God! Then, to go and see that baby in that manger! What a time that must have been. Merry Christmas everyone!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, would you give us the most spiritual Christmas that we have ever had!

GENESIS 12: 1-5
Today’s text reminds us how the nation of Israel began as a nation. As God speaks to Abram here, who will become Abraham, I want you to notice that Abraham was ready to obey God! Notice verse 4-Abram did what the Lord told him to dy. Now, I want us to notice why it is so important for America to always stand by and with Israel. Notice the warning to those who will not stand by her in verse 3. The Lord said “I will curse him that curseth thee”. Let’s always pray for Israel and pray that America always stands with her!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, please always guide our leaders in America to stand with Israel.

MATTHEW 7: 21-27
As we get closer to a new year, let’s do some soul searching. Let’s make sure first of all that we belong to the Lord! Verses 21-23 are some of the saddest words found in the Bible. Some people think they are alright with the Lord, when in fact they are not. Second, let’s make sure that we have built our faith on the rock, Jesus Christ! No sand, which means the world. Let’s do some of that self-examining today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please always keep me headed in the right direction!

ISAIAH 61: 1-3
Ok, as the old year is about to go out and the new year is about to come in let’s remember the mission that today’s scriptures give us today. Verse 2 tells us here to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord! We are to purpose in our hearts this coming year to share Jesus Christ with as many people as we can! Let’s make 2023 the year of sharing Jesus!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, help me to share the gospel with more people than ever before this year!

ROMANS 12: 1-2
Talking about the new year, today’s text sounds like something good to do as we begin the new year. Let’s today present ourselves, our bodies as a living sacrifice to God! Let’s decide right now to serve the Lord mor in 2023 than ever before. Let’s be more faithful to the Lord in prayer, in church attendance, in sharing Jesus with others than we ever have before. Let’s not wait until January 1st to begin, let’s begin this command today!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY:  Lord, please use me more today than ever before to do your work!

PSALM 118: 24
With the new year being less than 2 days away, let’s put this verse in our heads and use it every morning to start our day off right! There are three major teachings in this verse. Number one-God made and gave us this day. Number two-we need to rejoice since God did give us this day. And number three- we need to be glad or happy within this day because God gave it to us. Now, let’s learn this verse and let’s repeat it every morning. I do, every morning before I get out of the shower!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Lord, remind me every day in the new year to thank you for that day!

I know that we have studied this text before. But what a way to end the old year! Jesus could come and rapture His church out in 2023. Maybe before! Let’s live every day of this new year as if the Lord will call us out that very day! I really believe it will help us walk closer to the Lord!
PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Help me Lord to live closer to you in 2023!